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Men's Ceramic Abrasion Reduction Bundle


Men's VIPAR v3 Bib Shorts + Arm Protectors - Just £199, saving £29.

The ultimate pairing when it comes to combining impact protection and abrasion reduction - shop our Ceramic Abrasion Reduction Bundle and save. Combining our flagship VIPAR v3 Bib Shorts - Visibility, Impact Protection, Abrasion Reduction - and our  Arm Protectors - Impact Abrasion Reduction, these products are helping us to make road rash a thing of the past.

VIPAR v3 Bib Shorts

The culmination of 6 years’ worth of research and development, the VIPAR v3 Bib Shorts are our flagship bibs capable of conquering the club ride or commute; or performing in the pro peloton, all the while offering a unique level of superior protection, even at high speed.

Visibility, Impact Protection, Abrasion Reduction. VIPAR v3 Bib Shorts feature ARMA impact protection pads at the hip, capable of safely dissipating up to 80% of impact energy, combined with industry leading engineered hexagonal abrasion-reduction fabric, designed to reduce friction damage and increase durability in the most common impact areas. 

Lightweight and breathable, utilising high-quality Italian 220gsm Lycra for a luxurious feel and unrestricted movement and coupled with a premium Dolomiti chamois pad for a high-performance and comfortable ride no matter the surface or distance.

Arm Protectors

Cooler mornings, early morning rides, weekend gnarly trails = It’s time to layer and protect.

Arm Protectors are ideal for the cooler temperatures of early and late summer and autumn. This revolutionary road cycling innovation combines long over-due impact protection along with hexagonal abrasion reduction offering protection to the Elbow and skin in the event of an accident or fall. A lightweight construction and non-fleecy inner they'll keep off a chill but fold up small to stow in a jersey pocket as the day warms up.

Wemakes the difference on those rides where you’re going to experience a wide variety of temperatures and want to be flexible – early starts, late finishes, cooler summer days, autumn or spring. The set of Protectors are the flexible option you need to keep you comfortable and protected all ride long. 

Made from a super-stretch fabric. Arm Protectors give a close fit, and thanks to the lightweight material used, being made with fewer seams they offer even greater comfort. Added silicone-backed elasticated grippers make for a comfortable fit and ensure that the warmers stay snugly in place throughout your ride.

Why not add them to a pair of ARMA HEX Knee protectors to complete the look.

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