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Protected by Science

We create industry leading protective cycling apparel.
Our products are developed to protect from impact
and abrasion empowering you to do the things you love.


Limb injuries are common in cycling accidents, with over 40% suffering arm injuries. Protective clothing is common place for motorbike riders but unheard of in cycling. Our revolutionary, ultra thin protective padding turns a break into a bruise. Our abrasion reduction coating dramatically cuts out road rash and painful skin loss.

ARMA is a revolutionary new energy absorbing material, designed to alter the way we think about protecting the human body from impact and injury. We incorporate these ultra slim ARMA impact protection pads into the critical areas of our garments, including the hip, shoulder and elbow, to offer EN1621-1 approved impact and coverage protection.

We're tackling road rash head on with ceramic fabrics in our garments - VIPAR Bib Shorts and IAR Arm Warmers. This ceramic coating technology incorporates fine ceramic particles in a hexagon-shaped design which helps resist against tearing upon impact, therefore protecting your skin.

The Arma range of parts are tested at the UK’s No1 Premier PPE (Personal protective equipment) Certification and Testing centre, Satra. Whilst there is currently no official testing standards for protective road cycling equipment, at ArmaUrto we ensure that all our impact protection ARMA parts are tested to EN1621-1 standard — the test is used to assess the protective qualities of armour worn on the limb joints of a motorcycle rider. No product makes it to the consumer unless it has passed this standard.