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February 19, 2021 2 min read

What currently protects our bodies when riding across hard surfaces on just two narrow tyres? We wear helmets to protect our head, and bib shorts with chamois pads for added comfort, but otherwise we're down to just thin layers of lycra covering our unexposed skin.

When you think about it, the level of protection we have is next to none. Until now.

Whether it's the urban commute or a weekend endurance adventure that gets you out on the bike, change the way you think about protecting your body when cycling with our range of innovative apparel.


Designed for protection, our clothing incorporates ARMA in high impact areas of the body: the shoulders, elbows and hips.

ARMA is a revolutionary new energy absorbing material, designed with you in mind. Offering EN1621-1 approved impact protection, the industry standard for motorbike apparel, ARMA absorbs and dissipates energy upon impact; reducing 80% of the forces transmitted to the body.

The result? Reducing the impact of injury in the unfortunate event of a fall.

Built seamlessly into our garments, the ultra thin ARMA pads sits at just 4mm deep and can be cleaned repeatedly without degradation.


Protection - Reflection. The ArmaUrto Pro-Flect range offers unmatched visibility at night, helping you stay safe as seen, whilst incorporating our ARMA padding at both the shoulder and elbow.

Shop the Pro-Flect Essential Cycling Jacket (pictured below).

Shop the Pro-Flect Performance Cycling Jacket.


Visibility, Impact Protection, Abrasion Reduction - VIPAR.

Our VIPAR range of cycling apparel combines impact protection ARMA padding with industry leading engineered hexagonal abrasion-reduction fabric, designed to reduce friction damage and increase durability in the most common impact areas.

Ultimate protection for the body when cycling.

Shop here.


The ArmaUrto range contains a growing range of cycling accessories each designed with continued impact protection front of mind. 

VIBE Gloves offer both vibration dampening qualities and impact protection pads designed to help the hand slide on impact in the unfortunate event of a fall.

Perfect for the early summer starts, the IAR Arm Warmers carry impact protection padding at the elbow, along with hexagonal abrasion reduction offering protection to the skin in the event of an accident.