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April 16, 2021 2 min read

Protection, reflection and comfort from the start of your ride to the finish. The new Pro-Flect Essential Cycling Jacket is the ultimate top layer when it comes to commuting by bike.

With lockdown restrictions easing and a return to work for some, with others heading into the office with more frequency too, signs are pointing towards a return to the commute. Make that journey by bike to avoid public transport or car and do so with the right kit to be ready whatever the weather.

The Technical Details

The Pro-Flect’s advanced technical waterproof and windproof layers, high collar, elastic waist and dropped tail will keep you both dry and warm throughout your ride whilst its high level of breathability reduces moisture buildup.

Featuring a highly reflective front zip, reflective zipped pocket strip and piping to increase night visibility from both the front and rear, the Pro-Flect Essential Jacket incorporates our own lightweight, flexible and machine washable ARMA active polymer padding at both the elbow and shoulder to inspire confident riding all year round.

What Is ARMA?

At just 4mm thick at its maximum and rated to EN1621-1 motorcycle standard, ARMA is the technical padding used in our garments at high-impact areas of the shoulder and elbow, plus the hip in our cycling shorts. Capable of absorbing and safely dissipating up to 80% of impact energy, ARMA works by keeping you protected however or wherever you choose to ride.

ARMA Padding

Why Commute By Bike?

Using the bike as your mode of transport provides a way to travel actively and do good for the environment while doing so. Cycling is a great form of exercise to promote cardiovascular health with wider mental health benefits too from being outdoors and boosting endorphins. Over time, cycling is also a cost-effective way of travelling and one that will help you to have a positive impact on the environment around when chosen over taking the car or public transport.

Cycling in urban areas clearly comes with concerns for many, especially in overpopulated urban areas where cars and cyclists combine within the same road space. At ArmaUrto we've created a range of products that will help you to feel more confident and secure when riding through such environments, in the knowledge that you've taken extra precaution to stay safe and prevent injury in the case of an unfortunate accident.

Ride Smarter, Ride Protected

It's for these reasons that the new Pro-Flect Essential Cycling Jacket is the ultimate cycling jacket for when it comes to making the choice to take the bike instead. Protection, reflection and comfort.

All that remains is to choose your colour - Fluorescent Yellow or Black.