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March 07, 2021 2 min read

Road rash. The unpleasant remnants after skin meets the ground when falling off your bike. The cause of restless nights sticking to the bed sheets and sore skin. But now there’s a way to reduce the risk of road rash through the use of anti-abrasion fabrics in cycling apparel - something that’s build into a number of ArmaUrto garments in the range.

Ceramic Coating Adds Abrasion Resistance

Although the now increasingly popular ceramic print fabric has been around a few years now, the higher price meant that it took time for many cycling brands to get on board. Proven to reduce road rash in the event of a crash, the highly abrasion resistant fabric is now incorporated into ArmaUrto cycling apparel.

The ceramic coating technology incorporates fine ceramic particles in a hexagon-shaped design. Normally in a cycling crash or fall, your apparel almost immediately tears away upon impact, leaving just your skin in contact with the gravel/asphalt/tarmac below. The result - the aforementioned nasty road rash that’ll keep you up at night. However, when apparel carrying this innovative ceramic structure connects with the hard surface upon crashing, the ceramic coating helps the fabric resist against tearing apart, therefore protecting your skin.

What’s more, the coating is wash-resistant, and does not change the feel of the fabric making the apparel no different from what you’re used to riding. Same feel, made safer.

Making road rash a thing of the past?

At ArmaUrto we have incorporated the ceramic print fabric into our VIPAR Bib Shorts and our IAR Arm Warmers, available now. Both the Bib Shorts and Arm Warmers feature these recognisable hexagonal sections of ceramic coating, a fabric that also covers our revolutionary impact protection ARMA. This energy absorbing padding is featured on high impact areas, the shoulders, elbows and hips, to protect you in the places you are most likely to experience road rash, and to take the forces of impact when you wipe out.

Discover the IAR Arm Warmers

Arm warmers that do so much more than just keep you warm. Impact protection ARMA padding at the elbow, together with anti abrasion fabrics to protect your skin in the event of a fall, the ArmaUrto IAR Arm Warmers have you covered from every angle.

Featuring a lightweight construction, and incorporating a super-stretch fabric, these Arm Warmers will keep the chill away while folding up small to stow in a jersey pocket as the day warms up.

Shop the IAR Arm Warmers here.

Finally, take a look at what happens when our VIPAR Bib Shorts go head to head with a competitor’s short under the hand sander test here.