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February 24, 2021 2 min read

Whilst there is currently no official testing standards for protective road cycling equipment, at ArmaUrto we ensure that all our impact protection ARMA parts are tested to EN1621-1 standard - the test is used to assess the protective qualities of armour worn on the limb joints of a motorcycle rider. No product makes it to the consumer unless it has passed this standard.

But given the term EN1621-1 might be new to you and the road cycling industry with very little limb and joint protective apparel availability to date, we wanted to explain a bit more about what goes into this level of approval, and why our products are therefore so unique in the road cycling market.

Behind The Markings

The letters “EN” stand for “European Norm”, meaning it’s up to European standards. The numerical attribute 1621 refers that the armour is tested to motorcycle application level. While the -1 denotes the region of protection, with 1 being anywhere but the back i.e. shoulder, elbow, forearm, hip, knee, shin. A code of 1621-2 refers to back protectors.

The Test

Our ARMA range of parts are tested at the UK’s leading PPE (personal protective equipment) certification and testing centre, SATRA. The tests use a device which creates a heavy impact on the pad while measuring the forces dissipated through the mechanism on the underside of the padding.

In order to pass the standard, the mean maximum transmitted force must be below 35kN, and no single value should be over 50kN. The standard includes optional impact tests to assess performance in high (+40°C) and low (-10°C) temperature environments.

What This Means For Our Products and For You

Put simply, passing EN1621-1 testing standard ensures that our innovative apparel offers an unrivalled level of impact protection when it comes to road cycling. In the unfortunate event of a fall when riding, our ARMA pads take the brunt of the impact reducing the risk of injury.

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We all know and understand that accidents happen when cycling, but riders who make the intelligent choice to ride protected, wearing ArmaUrto, can ride in the confidence that they have taken precautionary measures to protect themselves in the event of a fall. Therefore helping to keep you cycling for longer.

When it comes to injury prevention, professional riders know the pitfalls of being off the bike following a crash, and it’s for that reason that the UK’s number 1 domestic cycling team, Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling train using our Elite Base Layers. Read more about the partnership here.