Delighted to have RUNEEZ join the team at ArmaUrto to provide post-cycling comfort for our Women riders.



With their decadently smooth feel and full-length design, the RUNEEZ Lusso tights with no pad will keep you moving. Answering the call for tights without a technical pad insert, RUNEEZ used their proven mesh fabric to create the leg panelling - it's a material much heralded for being highly breathable and comfortable against the skin.

Its even been know that they have reached the summit of Kilimanjaro!

The fit of the tights falls under 'regular fit', meaning they’re lightly compressive where they need to be. The fabric panels flex with each leg movement, as they’re both pre-shaped and sewn to fully wrap and support the upper and lower leg muscles while in motion.

This pad-free version gives you total versatility, letting you bring the famous RUNEEZ comfort levels to your gym workouts, cross training or simply daily life.

Why not add a RUNEEZ Hoodie or Crop top to complete the look.

Keeping our Women riders safe, confident and comfortable.

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