About us

ArmaUrto Baselayer

Following a serious Cycling accident where the product innovator and now Founder sustained various breaks and abrasions, he tried to purchase Cycling apparel that would offer some protection should a fall happen again seeking to reduce the risk and danger of injury. Trying to purchase what would appear to be an obvious road Cycling product, to his surprise no such product(s) existed globally. Apart from ArmaUrto’s garments, this remains the same today.

The ArmaUrto range of Protective Base Layers, Cycling Jackets, Bib-shorts, Long Sleeve Jerseys (LSJ) and Arm Warmers are aimed at the Cycling enthusiast and Urban/Commuter Cyclist to address the growing number of Cycling accidents in the UK.  

There has been exponential growth in Cycling in the UK over the last few years, but a rise in Cycling accidents also.

ROSPA document (November 2015) that in excess of 21,000 accidents were reported in the UK in 2014 from slightly injured to seriously injured to reported deaths. The same source report London had experienced 23,000 reported accidents in the last 5 years.

Since 2015 ArmaUrto has worked tirelessly to develop the finest Italian manufactured Cycling apparel (designed in the UK though!) incorporating protection ARMA for critical areas of the body such as Shoulders, Elbows and Hips to reduce the risk and injury in the event of a fall. Read more about our technology here.

To think decades ago no one wore a seatbelt, a concept that is now unthinkable. Recently, in various parts of the world Cycling helmets are now mandatory. Snow sports, helmets have become almost ubiquitous and now leading high profile Pro-Riders (Cycling) are openly sharing their views on Cycle helmet use.