Impact Protection ARMA Padding

ARMA is a revolutionary new energy absorbing material, designed to alter the way we think about protecting the human body from impact and injury. Gone are the days of bulky, uncomfortable, often heavy, body worn protection. This new generation material may be incorporated directly into a garment to shield against impacts and abrasions.

We incorporate ARMA impact protection pads into the critical areas of our garments, including the hip, shoulder and elbow, to offer BS 1621-1 approved impact and coverage protection.

Easy Clean
ARMA is fully machine washable at 30°C with no loss of impact performance properties.

Shock Freeze System
ARMA absorbs and dissipates energy greatly; reducing 80% of impact forces transmitted to the body.

Ultra Slim Padding
Even at a thickness of only 4 mm ARMA protects the body on hard impacts.

Mens Pro-Flect Cycling Jacket

Self Regenerative
Unlike PU or EPS foams, ARMA can take multiple impacts onto the same point without being destroyed.

Air Circulation System
ARMA is based on an open re-entrant structure, allowing natural ventilation and airflow around the body.

Temperature Stable
ARMA shows no impact performance losses at high (+40°C) and low (-20°C) temperatures.

Parts Testing
Our ARMA range of parts are tested at the UK’s No1 Premier PPE (Personal protective equipment) Certification and Testing centre,

Whilst there are no official BS/EN Road Cycling PPE standards ArmaUrto tests all garment parts to EN1621-1 and we're delighted to share with you that our products passed this standard. Feel free to contact us to request our test reports.

Abrasion Reduction Ceramic Fabrics

We're tackling road rash head on with ceramic fabrics in our garments - VIPAR Bib Shorts and IAR Arm Warmers. This ceramic coating technology incorporates fine ceramic particles in a hexagon-shaped design which helps resist against tearing upon impact, therefore protecting your skin.

What’s more, the coating is wash-resistant, and does not change the feel of the fabric making the apparel no different from what you’re used to riding. Same feel, made safer.

Both the VIPAR Bib Shorts and IAR Arm Warmers feature these recognisable hexagonal sections of ceramic coating, fabric that also covers our ARMA energy absorbing padding which features in high impact areas, the shoulders, elbows and hips. The result is apparel that protects you in the places you are most likely to experience road rash and takes the forces of impact when you hit the ground.

Ceramic Abrasion Reduction Fabrics