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April 08, 2024 2 min read

 Saint Piran Aventur and Armaurto announce an exciting new partnership following Saint Piran Women’s Festival - Aventur

The event showed us that there are many women out there who are already active within cycling and across various disciplines and at all levels, but also that there is work to be done to increase participation, knowledge, and opportunity.
With that in our minds and hearts we are delighted to announce the new programme partnership - Aventur

Aventur (Cornish for ‘Adventure’) will enable us all to put into action projects to raise the profile of women’s off-road cycling. We will take sessions to schools, host social rides, encourage women to try xc racing with free to attend sessions, mechanics sessions, social evenings and more.

Jenny, founder of Aventur says,

“We recently announced the launch of Aventur and its main aim to encourage more people to ride bikes, this year our focus is specifically on women riding off road. One barrier that we hear frequently is ‘I can’t afford to get injured’, this is relevant across social riders through to our elite mtb team. With that in mind we reached out to Chris at Armaurto and we were instantly impressed with the range of products. Protective pads that are proven to protect, yet are small, light, and flexible enough to ride comfortably in.”

As an elite mtb team, our riders are frequently pushing their limits with xco courses becoming increasingly technical. The need to train and subsequently perform at the highest level comes with greater risk of injury and yet it is ‘the norm’ to ride these courses with no protection.

“Saint Piranwants to lead the way in opening this discussion, our riders are being supplied with products from Armaurto and we are encouraging them to at the very least train and even to ride practice laps at events in them. Simply because, why not?! Our riders put in hours of training, travel long distances and the costs of racing aren’t cheap, why throw it all away by picking up an injury that potentially could be avoided!”

Chris Battin, founder, and Director at Armaurto says,

“When Jenny contacted me to share her plans for the forthcoming season it was an immediate ‘YES’ in terms of supporting the Women’s Team through offering Armaurto rider protection. It’s no secret that bike racing comes with an inherent risk. For professional riders, it’s something they accept and learn to live with. However, should the worst happen, an impact injury can see a rider’s season prematurely ended so it’s important for them to protect themselves. It’s great, and refreshing, to see Saint Piran so invested in keeping their Team safe and protected when out riding and competing and ready to race. We’re so excited to provide our innovative technologies throughout the 2024 season and beyond. Wishing this amazing group of girls the very best for this season”.

If you’d like to engage in this programme with us, message