Pro-flect Range

by ArmaUrto

Sold out

‘Protection and Reflection’


Available in Fluo and Black versions, our Pro-flect range increases your visibility and offers protection to critical areas (shoulder and elbow) through our EN1621-1 ARMA impact pads in the event of a crash or fall.


Made in Italy from Italian fabrics featuring a high neck collar, elastic waist, longer tail, a zipped pocket and added reflective over-pocket strip.


Reflective piping and a full length reflective front zipper increases your visibility front and rear.


Waterproofness >10.000 mm (ISO 20811)

Breathability <  8 m2Pa/W (ISO 11092)

Windproofness < 1mm/sec (ISO 9237)

Spray test > 90 (ISO 24920)