Impact Pro Base Layer

Size Guide

Introducing the ‘IMPACT PRO’ our close-fitting 3/4 sleeve Base Layer. Technical wicking fabric designed and as used in the Peloton incorporates our ARMA impact protection for the Shoulders and Elbows.


The ARMA pads absorb and dissipate 80% of the impact energy reducing the energy transmitted to the body and ultimately the risk of an injury in the event of an accident or fall. The ARMA pads are slim without looking bulky and in the event of an impact the pads stiffen up and protect these critical areas against impact and abrasion.


The ‘IMPACT PRO’ Base Layermakes the difference on those rides where you’re going to experience a wide variety of temperatures and wants to be flexible – early starts, late finishes, cooler summer days, autumn winter or spring. This revolutionary road cycling innovation combines long over-due Pro Performance/Pro Peloton impact protection in the event of an accident or fall. When the protection is not required, the ergonomic ARMA padding flexes with the muscles providing unrestricted movement. A lightweight construction of the finest Italian wicking fabric with incorporated ARMA protection it’ll keep the chill off, keep you cool and comfortable and offer you protection all ride long.


Watch out for those potholes and car doors opening on your ride. Keep your distance, just saying…


Add the Impact Pro to a pair of VIPAR Bib shorts to complete the look.